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Store OwnerAkira Tanaka

The kanji character 鮨" (sushi) is made up of two kanji characters: 魚 (fish) and 旨 (savory). At our restaurant, we associate with this character as savory fish with rice. To the process of the making of our sushi; to the ingredients and the tools used, we express much gratitude into this process. By carefully, individually, and progressively assembling sushi, we will continue to improve the perfection of our sushi. Not only the taste, but also, the combination of the Shari, the savory aroma, and the balance with Sake (Japanese rice wine). Enjoy sushi, which is well-known as the center of Japan’s world-class food culture. I believe this is faithful to the continuation of this tradition. The name of the restaurant is Himeshara, which is used as flooring and pillars in architecture. We want to make our customers happy by inheriting the tradition, firmly rooting as a sushi restaurant, and blooming many flowers. The more we aim to improve the savory of our sushi, the more delicious it will become. Although, it is in the process of growing every day, we would like to become the restaurant that is loved by those of “Edomae Sushi”. Please enjoy your meal and thank you.


Sushi and Himeshara Course (Reservation Required) Sushi and Himeshara Course (Reservation Required)

This is our recommended standard course of Himeshara, which offers the most delicious food of the day at your request. Enjoy luxurious sushi, seasonal dishes, drinks served to accompany your meal, and our Himeshara. The proportion of Shari is relative to the size of a thumb. All appetizers can be enjoyed to your heart’s content.

In-Room Service Course (3 people or more) (Reservation Required) 採In-Room Service Course (3 people or more) (Reservation Required)

For the benefit of our other customers, we kindly ask that you do not wear strong scented perfumes or other fragrances while dining at our restaurant. Please note, that in some cases, you may be unable to change seats or enter our restaurant as per our policy. Thank you.


ご予約はこちらから ご予約はこちらから